Android v4.1 – New Operating System of Galaxy S3

It is well known to us that every Smart Phone whether it is Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc comes with an operating system loaded in it and Android is also a kind of operating system which is loaded in Smart Phones of Samsung. Android v4.1 which is also known as Jelly Bean is the latest version of Android.

OS of s3This version of Android is nowadays present in Samsung Galaxy S3. Some of its features are listed below.

Accessibility: - As Galaxy S3 supports Jelly Bean, access of any application is very fast. Just the user has to move the cursor on the application and simply double tap on the application to launch it. Features like touch and swipe gesture in combination with speech output will help even the blind user to use Gesture Mode.

Camera: - As Galaxy S3 supports 8 MP of camera with Android v4.1, the user can quickly and easily swipe from camera mode to viewing of photo mode. During viewing of photo, user can easily zoom in the photo, do whatever kind of editing he wants and then easily he can switch to the camera mode.

Messaging and Talk: - Jelly Bean operating system of Galaxy S3 also has a feature of messaging and talk. Whenever the user receives any message or MMS, new notification will display the complete text in case of SMS and full photo in case of MMS. Here Talk also features a new style of notification.

Additional, user friendly features like daily update of news and weather are also available which are important in day to day life of a user.